We are proud to announce our new website!! Launched 25 October 2021 to better serve our clients.
This website was built by Salt Essential IT professionals who not only did the design but also empowered us to update our own platform!
We hope you are as happy as we are!

Who is Salt Essential IT?

Salt is one of Africa’s select award winning Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Providers, supporting customers ranging from small and medium business to enterprise.  Changing your technology can be daunting and expensive if not supported by the experts.  We ensure that you benefit from the perfect solutions to drive your business’ growth and digital transformation.  

We have proudly been serving 1000’s of organizations since 1998 with personalized solutions delivered by internationally certified subject matter experts. Your business is our priority, and this is why our team is here to support you around the clock, offering 24×7 support.

You are here because you want the best technology for your business, get in touch so that we can show you how!


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